Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hubbers Challenge/Experiment

The Challenge is on, Travel The World On A Hub will begin on May 1st 2013, Initially the challenge will be for the whole month of May but depending on the success of the experiment it may continue through June and even longer.
After speaking with Hubpages, whom I must add are 100% behind this experiment/challenge and are offering to help in any way that they can we have a few rules that must be followed if this is going to work.
Of course there are also some rules to follow that are always relevant when writing Hubs and if we are going to do this right we all have to follow the guidelines.
 It goes without saying that all of the usual rules for writing Hubs apply, original content, original or legal use of images and the correct citing of reused images. Hubs must be at least 500 words and all of the usual Hub Rules are applicable; all of the Hubs written will be subject to the usual Hubpages checks.
There are only really Three main rules for Travel The World On A Hub as discussed with Hubpages and they are all related to linking and tagging the Travel The World On A Hub, Hubs Together.

1) Hubs should only contain one link to one other Hub in the series hopefully written by a different Hubber.
2) When posting a link to another Hub in the series it is recommended that we should add some text to show the reader that your hub is part of a series of Hubs "This article is part of a series in which HubPages community members share insider tips about their hometowns and surrounding area, you can find more articles....."),
3) All Hubs created for the experiment should include the travel and tourism as the main category.

Them's the rules guys not too bad are they?

I have created a new group on Facebook called Hubber Challenge for anyone who would like to take part, there you can post links to your Hubs in the series and claim a Hub to link your Hubs to.
Good luck everyone and roll on May 1st.
For more info click here.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Travel The World On A Hub

Curiosity is a wonderful thing and it is curiosity that has probably brought you to this page today.
I have been writing on Hubpages for almost seven years now and I have witnessed a lot of great writers lose out on earnings and views simply because Google does not give them a chance to shine.
I am today Throwing down a challenge to every Hubber who would like to try and beat Google at their own game and hopefully between us all we will become a bigger player in Google's strange game.
Ask yourself why are some Hubbers more successful than others and why are some Hubbers earning a lot more money than me or you even though your writing is just as good if not better than theirs.
The answer is actually simpler than you would probably think and that is where my International experiment/ Hubber challenge comes in.

The Hubbers who do best on Hubpages have found a niche topic to write about and they have written multiple Hubs on that topic, Google loves consistency and when they see a list of Hubs by a writer on one topic they shower that writer with love and give them a great spot on their search pages.
My World War One Hubs for example rake in over 1500 hits a bad day from Google between them.

With that in mind, an idea sprung into my head and I thought that it was something that would either work like a charm or sink like a lead balloon.
What if a large group of Hubbers picked out one Topic and wrote Hundreds or even Thousands of Hubs on that same topic?
Of course there are only a few topics that could be covered in this way by a large group of writers and Travel was the first subject that sprung to my mind.

Travel The World On A Hub
Where do you live? No one knows more about a holiday destination than the people who actually live there. They know all of the tourist attractions, best places to eat and where the best hotels are, they also know those little places that tourist would normally not find on a trip there and all of the little secret places that should be experienced more but are rarely visited.

Hubbers come from all around the world and if we could get at least one Hubber involved from every country then we could in reality create a massive travel guide to rival Trip Adviser or the other big travel guides out there.
If a large group of Hubbers got together and wrote a bunch of Hubs show casing their local areas and their surrounding areas we could gain a lot of Google love between us and maybe cut a large slice of of the travel guide market for ourselves.
Hubpages would also be happy because we would be using map capsules, ratings capsules, lists and original pictures in our Hubs.

Linking Hubs if each Hubber only linked one Hub that another Hubber in the group has writen with "Travel The World On A Hub" as the Heading then in reality a user could in fact visit each country written about  just by following a link on each Hub.
Please let me know what you think and if you are willing to take part in this hopefully massive experiment.....jimmy.

I am in discussions with Simone on Hubpages at this moment on how best to go about this experiment and Hubpages seem to be excited as I am about it.