Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Joys of Writing on Hubpages

Hubpages is my personal favorite website on the Internet, not only because I make good money from writing here but also because there is a great community of writers who are always on hand to offer advice and friendship when you need it.

The Hubpages staff are also a friendly bunch and very approachable if you have a problem and they will always answer any questions that you ask as soon as is physically possible for them.

I have been writing on Hubpages for over seven years and in that time I have seen many changes to the site and the layout, with these changes the Hubpages staff have kept the site up to date with the latest web trends.

Hubpages is now not only a great site for writers of all ilk’s but it is also a social meeting place for writers from all around the world to communicate and keep in touch with each other.

The biggest change to Hubpages came when Panda, Google’s Atom Bomb, hit the site with full force, almost every Hubber lost views and earnings and for some it was the end of the road.

The staff made a lot of big changes to Hubpages  in an attempt to get the Google love back and the changes are still being made to the site today and are ongoing until a solution is found that works for Hubpages and of course the search engines.

People seem to forget that if the authors on Hubpages are losing money that Hubpages is making less money too, after all 40% of the revenue we lose comes out of their pockets too and that is why they will try everything in their power to get Hubpages back to its full potential and back into the top 100 websites in the world where it once was for a few weeks.

I was lucky enough to be accepted on to the Hubpages apprenticeship program and it has improved my writing and awareness of the importance of keywords and Hub promotion.

My own Hub statistics are slowly rising along with my earnings to the numbers I used to get before Panda and I am sure that the changes made by Hubpages are responsible for the increase and I am also sure that if we all stick it out for the long term we will all have a massive increase that is even better than the pre Panda era.

I have been writing on Hubpages for almost seven years and I love writing here, I have total faith that the staff will find a way back to the top, it may take some time, but the long wait will pay dividends to the Authors who stick it out.