Hubber Of The Week

Hubber Of The Week

My very first featured Hubber of the week is an Author for whom I have the greatest respect, she started writing on Hubpages around the same time as myself and has to date written 1740 Hubs, she has over 6000 followers and recently became Hubpages Elite meaning that she helps New Hubbers get noticed.
Patty Inglish MS was voted best all round Hubber of 2011 and she continues to produce high quality Hubs almost on a daily basis, I am proud to call her a friend.

Patty's Latest Hub Why Tae Kyon Masters Seem To Live Forever gives great insight into her favorite martial arts and their health benefits.

Patty writes on a wide range of topics ensuring that her readers and followers are never bored one of her Hottest Hubs What My Teacher Did Not Know About the Blue Whale delves into the world of nature and the environment and is a very insightful and engaging read.

Patty is an expert on employment and training and many of her Hubs reflect this including one of her best Hubs, acording to her Hubpages stats, is a useful and informative look at management and leadership,
The Difference: Leader or Manager? How to Develop the Top Best Qualities of Leadership

If you haven't read any of Patty's work be sure to pay her a visit, I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.