Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New Hubpages Account Update

Ok so most of you who have seen my blog in the past will know that just over a month ago I created a new Hubpages account
Yesterday I wrote my 5th hub in that account and passed through the Hubpages "Boot Camp"
Today I will pass my first visitor milestone if thinks keep going they way that they have been and my Hubs have been earning a few cents since publishing my first.
Concentrating on ways to save or make money, my new account seems to be heading in the right direction and all of my New Hubs have a good standing with Google search.
I am not sure though that it is due to them all being similar in topic or if it is because I am almost following the new Hubpages templates to the letter, but what ever it is I am seeing traffic which I did not really expect this early and I hope that it continues to grow.
Maybe a new account is the way to go whilst you update the Hubs on your other account as I have been doing.