Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hubbers Challenge/Experiment

The Challenge is on, Travel The World On A Hub will begin on May 1st 2013, Initially the challenge will be for the whole month of May but depending on the success of the experiment it may continue through June and even longer.
After speaking with Hubpages, whom I must add are 100% behind this experiment/challenge and are offering to help in any way that they can we have a few rules that must be followed if this is going to work.
Of course there are also some rules to follow that are always relevant when writing Hubs and if we are going to do this right we all have to follow the guidelines.
 It goes without saying that all of the usual rules for writing Hubs apply, original content, original or legal use of images and the correct citing of reused images. Hubs must be at least 500 words and all of the usual Hub Rules are applicable; all of the Hubs written will be subject to the usual Hubpages checks.
There are only really Three main rules for Travel The World On A Hub as discussed with Hubpages and they are all related to linking and tagging the Travel The World On A Hub, Hubs Together.

1) Hubs should only contain one link to one other Hub in the series hopefully written by a different Hubber.
2) When posting a link to another Hub in the series it is recommended that we should add some text to show the reader that your hub is part of a series of Hubs "This article is part of a series in which HubPages community members share insider tips about their hometowns and surrounding area, you can find more articles....."),
3) All Hubs created for the experiment should include the travel and tourism as the main category.

Them's the rules guys not too bad are they?

I have created a new group on Facebook called Hubber Challenge for anyone who would like to take part, there you can post links to your Hubs in the series and claim a Hub to link your Hubs to.
Good luck everyone and roll on May 1st.
For more info click here.