Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chalk And Cheese Hub Accounts

It was The best of times, it was the worst of times seems to be an apt way to start off this blog post today, with one Hub account soaring in ratings and another account dropping to an all time low.
With 7 Hubs in just over 2 months my new Hub account getting over 800 hits every day and the Hub account that I have had for nearly 7 years which has 342 featured Hubs at an all time low with just over 900 hits a day.
Panda is really taking its toll on my old Hub account and if it keeps going the way it is, I feel that apart from a few select Hubs I will have to delete over 90% of my work and rethink my whole strategy of writing.
Since Panda began the visitors to my old account have slowly but surely fell from over 20000 visitors a day to under 1000 today.
My earnings are just a fraction of what they once were and if I were a business I would be on the brink of filing for bankruptcy.
My new account is soaring and for the past 3 days the earnings from it are actually more than those of my old account by a few cents.
My New Hubpages Account Stats
My Old Hubpages Account Stats

Hubpages really has been good to me over the past few years and I cannot see me quit just because things have become difficult for me, but I do have to come up with a plan to help me try to get back to the position I was in before Panda, If I do find that way I will be sure to let you know.