Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hub Thefts and a New Layout

Stealing Hubs

There is a Buzz amongst the Authors at Hubpages this week, Hubs are being copied and pasted onto another website, which I will not name here, why advertise theft?
In my experience at Hubpages this has happened before on a few occasions and it will all blow over, it may take a week or 2 but if Hubbers keep filing DMCA complaints against the site and against the site hosts the site will cease to exist, it may not be soon enough for some but it will happen.

New Hub Layout

Hubpages have rolled out a new Hub layout, a big change to the way hubs look and I for one think it is an utter shambles, Fashion and beauty Hubs were the first to be changed to the new format and it makes me wonder what in the hell the Hubstaff were smoking when they decided that it would be a good idea to plaster the bottom of the Hubs with Hundreds of pictures of so called related Hubs, I want to help other Hubbers as much as I can but at what cost to me?, with all of those links to choose from and even more related Hub links at the right hand side of the Hub the ads on my Hubs have very little chance of getting clicked on. Come on Hubpages I am losing visitors and money already don't make me bankrupt.