Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Losing Visitors on Hubs

In the past few months I have lost over 3000 visitors a day on my entire Hub account normally I wouldn't worry too much about losing visitors as after a while they always come back.
This time though I am not so sure that my visitors will come back, unless I work my butt off and do something about it.
I have been watching my account over this time and I think that I may have found a solution that will hopefully bring my visitors back and hopefully even more.

Looking and studying my statistics over the past couple of months has been an eye opener for me, normally I would just have a quick glance at them just to see if the numbers were increasing or decreasing, but because of the drastic drop this time I have been monitoring them to find patterns.

Which Hubs are losing visitors, which Hubs if any are gaining visitors and which Hubs are keeping a constant flow of visitors.

My Hubs that are losing the most visitors are single Hubs, what I mean by single Hubs is that I have only written one Hub on a certain topic or category.

Hubs that are holding steady are Hubs that I have written in the same category or topic but I have only written 2 or 3 Hubs in that topic or category.

The Hubs That are doing best are Hubs where I have written at least 5 times on the same category or topic, on some of those I have noticed an increase where as others are a constant source of traffic.

The Upside is now that I have found a pattern to my traffic loss it can be fixed it will take a bit of time but it should be worth it in the end, I just have to look at all of my Hubs and write more in the same topics and categories.

There are a lot of Hubbers out there who instead of looking for a solution to dropping traffic go into the forums ranting and raving. For every problem there is a solution, why not check out your Hub Stats and see if you can find a pattern on your Hubs that are losing traffic, Don't waste your time shouting in the forums, if you have a problem find a way to solve it.