Thursday, 5 April 2012


If you know about Hubpages then you will probably know me from the site, I write under the name Jimmythejock and I have been writing on Hubpages for over 5 years now.
I did keep a blog in my first couple of years on Hubpages but because of work commitments and additions to my family, I let it go by the wayside and slide into the internet archives.
I am now working as a writer full time, forced into it in December 2011 when I was made unemployed.
Don't get me wrong, I started writing as a hobby 5 years ago not even thinking that I would make any money for my efforts but after a few months writing on Hubpages, to my surprise, I started to see real money going into my account.

I have started this Blog today, which I have called the Unofficial Hubpages Blog, To offer advice and help to New writers on Hubpages, to highlight some fantastic writing by fellow authors on Hubpages in a section which will be called featured Hubber of the week,  I plan to add a lot more to this blog which hopefully you will have as much fun reading as I do writing it.

If you are a Hubpages Author feel free to shoot me an email if you have any Hubpages questions you would like answered here or if you would like to be one of the featured Hubbers of the week.....Jimmy